The Winter Rains – Day 2

I love Winters. Its my favorite time of the year.

Yeah I was cribbing the whole day today that my fingers are freezing while typing or I was loading up on cups of chai but I still love Winters. When someone says winters then all I think about is beautifully lit streets which are still decorated with Christmas lights, people are walking to and from cafes wearing heavy knits and the feeling of coziness all around.

Today I woke up with the sound of thuds (rain) hitting my window and it was a happy way to wake up and what followed that was the uuhhhs and aaaah during my normal daily activities like sitting on freezing commode, brushing teeth with icy cold water and then rushing towards my tiny miny room heater with a cup of chai.

The hygge moment of my day was when I finally called it a day, made my second last cup of chai and saw this 30 minutes video of Dhruv Sehgal on chalchitra talks channel. For those who don’t know who Dhruv Sehgal is – doob ja kahi ja ke bhai.

The talk was about all the books that he liked in last few years and there were things he mentioned that took me back to my old memories. Like the time I started listening to Nirvana, I was 22 years old and was alone and tired of live already and at that time Kurt Cobain was the soul living by my side, too much I know but sun lo ab, I mean pad lo ab.

Or the time I was reading my first ever, so called, self help book by Robin Sharma then the moment I entered my office building of Amazon, I told myself – ab duniya badal denge apun.

kabhi socha hai ki hindi me jo baat hum keh sakte hai wo jaan lagalo par english me nai nikalta. And anyways I was thinking while watching that video ki kash main bhi inke Saath baath kar rai hoti then how amazing it would have felt.

Have you ever felt like, kash I will meet my people. You know those who would talk the real talk that I would love to be a part of, you know like mystery, creativity, stories and theories.

If I would ever talk to @sehgaldhruv90 then how would the conversation go (I am tagging him so hopefully he reads it ğŸ¤ž)

Me – Dhruv that new scripts that I am working on is kind of stuck at a weird point. Tu kya kar raha hai abhi?

Dhruv – kuch nai Yaar, abhi I am also stuck on this part of my story. You know mujhe samajh nai aa raha ki koi cheez itni clear ho sakti hai ki I am finding it hard to put on paper?


So, my best moments of the day were – my cozy wintery chai filled day and the video of Dhruv.

I just love Winters but in Summers.