My Big Fat opinion

Why should you care about my opinion? I don’t know, ask that to yourself. You have the right to choose or ignore as it’s a free country or at least we like to think that it is. Even though it’s funny considering how everyone’s opinions are washed and dry cleaned by nonstop media and if that was not enough then its further decorated by “experts” opinions which somehow turns into a common opinion and in the end it is really confusing to point out as to whose opinion was it originally?

Maybe it’s cumulative Opinion. You know like cumulative frequency.

For arguments sake, let’s keep the ego of “no my opinion is mine” aside and try to define the “Cumulative opinion”.

How would we define?

Cumulative opinion is a sequential addition of each presented opinion on any given topic from various entities. The current opinion is always the sum of its predecessors. For example –

Opinion 1My cat is getting fitMy cat is getting fit
Opinion 2My cat is eating chocolateMy Cat is getting fit with chocolate
Opinion 3The cat is not supposed to eat chocolateMy cat is getting fit with chocolate but is not supposed to eat those
Opinion 4Chocolate has cockroaches in themMy cat is getting fit with chocolate but they say not supposed to due to cockroaches
Opinion 5Cockroaches make you sickMy cat is getting fit with chocolate but they say not supposed to as cockroaches make you sick

Okay so maybe this is not exactly a clear definition of cumulative opinion but het “its my opinion”. So here you are, in my world, filled with opinions ranging from the thread count on bedsheet to movie Godfather to my best friends crazy ex-lover.  

Stick around if I got your attention. Bhsssu ?

Kona jina mona tuna

japadi kabaddi tapadi

Oh, you are still reading?

Gotcha. I got your attention!