Mom’s Happiness – Day 3

Happiness today was going out with mom after 10 months. Watching her observe people and restaurants like a small child was endearing.

It was one of those days which are cold with fresh winter rains but not windy. You know what I mean? Its romantic and not chilly. Things were going out of hand at home and work expectations were pilling up and normally I would have just called off the plan. BUT, 2021 is for me to embrace small tiny moments of happiness and so we went out.

Though we went to a nearby place and just had cups of chai at #chayoos and some bun maska but it definitely was hygge or shall I call it a Shabbat day. The picture is of my maa posing in front of balloons of New Year Decorations.

Now, going to spend few hours working as this girl has a big list of to-dos.

Hope you all had a good Shabbat today.