Meera chapter 9 – First Email

She reached home and all she could think of was how nice Sid was and that she can still be hopeful to meet someone nice like him after the horrified incident in her past where she was abused and tortured to death. “God, I don’t want to think about chirag now. I don’t even want to remember his name”, she told herself.

She checked her phone at least 100 times to see if he pinged her on whatsapp or chaton or did he send her a friends request on Facebook. She decided not to send request first or call first or message first as that has always led her in wrong paths before. She decided to be patient and wait for him to show that he is also interested like she is. The wait was over when she came back from office the next day and decided to login to her Gmail account and here it was – an email from Sid. Shit why didn’t I check my Gmail account, she thought.
It read –
Hi, just got up from a long sleep after reaching home.I was thinking about our chat yesterday and now I am wondering if that’s why I got lot of dreams last night. But it should wear off soon.  I am unable to find you on Facebook so please send me your link and also I am not on whats app but will download and let you know – not sure if I will stick there though 🙂
She read over and over again these 5 lines and the first thing she did was to send him a friends request. Ofcourse she had already found him on Facebook but was only being patient. Now she could not be more patient. And voila, he was online so instant approval and they started chatting instantly.
Meera: Hi, glad to see your mail. I hardly login to this id but I am glad I did today.
Sid: Thank you for adding me on Facebook, Why your id was not searchable?
Meera: I have privacy settings thats why. So how are you?
Sid: I am fine. My dog is behaving weird, he is not recognizing me at all.
Meera: Give him sometime. He must have missed you a lot when you were not there and therefore may be throwing tantrums.
Sid: ya you are right. But I am so glad, I am finally on my bed. I just don’t get sleep anywhere else.
Meera: Oh, I thought you didn’t sleep nicely last night due to dreams.(she hoped silently that he meant her when he wrote that line)
Sid: Ya I know its strange. Usually I dont get that many dreams but dont know how this happened.
At night around 7:45, Sid called on her cell phone.
Sid:So whatsup?
Meera: Nothing. I just finished writing my blog.
Sid: I guess I asked you to send me your blog address.
Meera: Ya… actually its private, I mean except for some close friends, no body knows about that address. I want the blog to be popular in real way.
Sid: Well, ok, But I still want to read it.
Meera: hmmm, ok give me some days. I will send you the link. So what are you up to?
Sid: Nothing. Just planning to go for a movie.
Meera: Which one?
Sid: Highway. Have you seen it.
Meera: No. I will watch it in some days with a friend(She had no plans of watching and she hoped he would ask her to accompany him for the movie).
Sid: Shoot. I would have asked you to come along but these tickets were booked for some time and now I kind of have to go.
Meera: Ok, have fun. talk to you later then I guess. Even I have to complete this blog now.
Sid: Bye Meera. But ping me once you are free.
After one hour, when she was done with he dinner and was enjoying her green tea, she saw a text from Sid.
Sid: someone was supposed to ping me. 🙁
she replied,  someone is busy watching a movie. :^
Sid: Relax. Its just a movie. Ping me any time. I will reply. 🙂
She thought to herself, its going way too fast. Either he is just a flirt or I am misunderstanding everything and she replied, “Hmm that’s cool. But you enjoy the movie. Will talk to you later.”
Sid: You ditcher. :^
This became a daily ritual. He would call at 7:30 PM and that is the time when she would be returning from her jogging. They would talk for sometime. Since he was working at a start up company, he did not have time limitations with him. He would call as and when he is free and since she was also only working with her NGO those days, she used to enjoy those time out with him.
On that Sunday night, he called at 9 PM and they spoke till 2 AM in the morning. He was an intellectual boy and very engrossed in politics. She on the other hand kept all knowledge of the happenings but her heart for more into developing the society so which made their talks even more interesting. A dedicated government would have got ample amount of ideas if they would have tapped their conversations.
Finally next weekend, they both decided to meet at a coffee house and he informed her about a job opportunity in one of his friends organization.
Their meeting was all Meera could think that whole week. She decided everything- from attire to hairdo, even conversed with him in mind for several hours..