Meera chapter 8- Where it all started!

2 Months back.

I was travelling back to Delhi from Jaipur from Shatabdi express after an usual guilt trip meet with my mother and as I entered the boogie I found out that my seat was next to a very handsome man. The train journey from Jaipur to Delhi is for almost 5 hours and if you get to spend that with someone that charming then what could be better but that holds true in only one condition that prince charming should be interesting to talk as well. Nevertheless I felt relieved that I  do not have to spend that time chatting with an aunty like I did the last time when I was going to Jaipur. At that time all that aunty wanted to talk about was how girls of this generation are proving to be extremely bad daughter in laws and how she was the perfect one who always obeyed her mom in law in her younger times.

But this time I felt relieved that not only i will have a better young company but also that the dude is HOT.

While trying to adjust a heavy suitcase on the compartment above our seats I almost lost the balance and trembled with the bag. “God; really are you serious? Now?”, Cursed at my clumsy self. I felt immensely ashamed at myself for being clumsy in front of a dude who saw this act and humbly offered his big and strong hands to help me with the luggage. “Thank you” I said to break the ice and also to show my nice gesture for the help provided by the gentleman. “That’s all right.” he spoke in a very manly voice. “Hi, I am Siddharth. pause. How bout you? ” he continued. Not only was he good looking, he had a very hot voice too which suited his tall, dark and handsome personality.

“Hi, I am Meera. “, I replied in a still jittery but happy voice and hoped that the journey of 5 hours will be enjoyable.

“Wow, what a beautiful name. I guess, I have heard it for the first time in real life. I mean I have heard the name before but only in movies and mythological stories but never in real life.” he said excitingly.

“Ya, my grandfather kept my name. But it caused quite a stir in my family at that time.”

“Stir? Why?” His inquisitiveness was real like his big deep eyes.

“Well, if you know about the mythology then the name Meera is associated with sacrifice, loneliness etc and my mother feared that I will end up sacrificing my life for someone I love and will not get the usual happy married life”, I tried to explain.

“That’s just rubbish. Our society has lot of stigma. I am sure name has nothing to do with all those things in life.” he further asked, “so what do you do?”

“Nothing actually. I am searching for a job in Delhi. I just moved in the city couple of months back”

“So how is this job search treating you? Which field is your preferred option?” and i explained my role in my last firm as a product manager and how I loved designing new and interesting ideas for the product after market reseach.

“Oh,well I can surely help you with job. I have many friends in Delhi. Send me your resume and I should be able to help you.”

“That’s great. Thank you. So what do you do Siddharth?”

“You can call me Sid. I have a startup company and I work with a partner. Prior to that I used to work with reggolb corporation. I am not sure if you have heard of them”

“Ya I have heard of them. They are into event management right? ”

“Oh yes.”

Their conversation was interrupted when Shatabdi waiter came to offer them breakfast which included some pasta, bread butter jam, eggs and coffee.

“Hmm I like their breakfast.”, he said and to that Meera replied only with a Me too smile.

Through rest of the journey, they spoke about everything from their favorite movies, favorite stars, favorite hobbies to bad travelling experiences. She did not forget to include the aunty and their conversation. They knew that people seated near by are listening to their conversations. From time to time they were realizing the fact that many people are all ears to their talk but they did not care at that time.

By the end of 5 hours, they knew a lot about each other and there were many similarities like they both were avid fans of offbeat Indian cinema with their favorites ranging from “water” to “Rang de Basanti” to “Mr and Mrs Iyer”. And to the fact that they both were sensitive towards current and crying issues, she being all for the underprivileged children and he was aggressive towards the corrupt and lethargic politics. They exchanged phone numbers and Sid promised to help Meera in finding a job.

That was a perfect journey and there was that moment when they both felt the need to say bye with a hug but it would have been tat bit too much so they both shook hands and promised to keep in touch but at that time all she thought of was the happy time she spent and that how much she adored her new friend and she had no idea that this little meeting could tremble her life way too much then she trembled in train’s jerks. But at that time he was moved straightaway to the bucket where she would keep guys who had chance of turning into some one special.