Meera Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Soon it was the day of wedding. Kiran was all prepared to look like a wedding diva in her royal red and gold lehanga. She was a dreamer her whole life and had planned her wedding even before she had any idea about the concept of marriage itself. She collected little things for her wedding outfit, for her honeymoon baggage and for her life afterwards. But with passing time, she completely forgot about those things of her imaginations but there is always that someone who knows you little more than you know yourself and in this case, it was Meera and ofcourse it goes without saying that Kiran was the one who knew Meera better than she knew herself.

Giggling sounds were coming from Kiran’s room and Meera understood that to be bride and groom are busy talking their hearts out.  “Are you serious? You told Steven that you will join after one whole week? Wowww. Finally, you are behaving like a lover. I wish I said yes to you earlier”
“Ya, but for that we should have met earlier. Isnt’t it?”
 Again giggles and the chat is disturbed when Meera enters in the room. Meera, snatches the phone, “Look Anurag, in just 24 hours you will take my friend really far, so please give these hours solely to me. Will you?”
“Oh, hey Meera, of course dear. You can have her even after 24 hours. As you know how pestering your this lovely lady is, I would surely love to buy some more time” in a naughty tone, Anuran replied.
“Oh, I so wish she would have heard that. But anyways, now its too late and you are anyways snatching her away so I only need 24 hours and then please for God’s sake, take her away. I am so tired of her.” As Meera told this she got slapped by Kiran on head.

Auch! Meera disconnected the call.

“Ok, so come here. I have something to show to you.”, Meera uncovered the box which she had in her hand, covered with a cloth. “Oh my God! Is it what I think it is? Meera, you still have this? I thought I lost it. Wow.”
“Well, how on earth I can forget it. You know something funny? I actually stole it from your luggage along with that pink top of yours which I always liked, when you were leaving hostel after final year and I kept it with me for this day. But I had no idea that things would be so different when this day would come. I imagined giving you this on our twin wedding. Do you remember how we both planned that we will get married the same day like the movie we watched, “Bride Wars””
“Ya Meera, those days were so dam amazing. Everything was rozy, we had no worries about future or anything for that matter. All we knew was, we should have fun, fall in love, and get married on the same day , have children and get them hooked and married ” Things have changed so much since college.

Anyways, leave all that behind now and open the box. Kiran had moist eyes seeing the things inside the box. It had the decorated red lace for her wedding dress, some sparkling beads for hair, wedding pictures of celebrities, honeymoon suitcase tag saying “we are on our honeymoon”, map of Spain where she always dreamt of going with her husband and many such items.  “I never knew that I would not need any of this when I will actually get married. I have got a designer dress and a celebrity makeup artist so using the things from this box is of no question, spain- well no holidays so no honeymoon” ,she felt very sad for a moment.

Kiran, you know something? Those days, you planned of everything possible but without a partner. have you imagined, how stressful it could have been if you were with a wrong person holidaying in Spain. Now, you are with Anurag, who loves you deeply, and you are going to start a new life with him, start planning fresh. Now, its time that you include a person in your future plannings. I am sure you will have all of the happiness and much much more.” They both hugged each other and Meera slides a gift pack to Kiran.

“What is it?”
“What is it? ts says reservation at vineyard hotel in the town of Sanxenxo. Thats in Spain right? What the hell Meera? Why did you waste your money on this when you know very well that we have no leaves”
“Relax Lady. This is for a future travel. When ever you plan to go there, you can stay in this hotel. This is valid for one year”
Kiran was speechless and just gave a cutish smile to Meera and it was time to start getting dressed up for the wedding.