Meera chapter 5

Chapter 5

Hiiiiiiiiii, Meera jumped 5 inches in surprise when she saw kiran standing at the front door. They both hugged each other tightly. “You are back b*tch, Meera abused”. “Yo B*atch I am here. How is the surprise?” and in reply Meera shouted euphorically, “wow Kiran you have no idea how happy I am.”
 “Nice, so mam can I come in and how is life at your office? You made any new friends?”, Kiran questioned.
“Oh ya, I made couple of friends but you know I take time in making friendship permanent as a Tattoo. Right now, I just feel I am kind of relaxed and I like meeting these people. Rest left to destiny.”
Meera snatched Kiran’s bags and started finding her gifts and said “so I should be making Arhar Daal and Rice for you, right?”Kiran”
“Yo doll” ,she kissed Meera.
After finishing lunch, while sipping cup of green tea, Kiran broke the news to Meera. “Meera, don’t get shocked. I am getting married”.
“What? You? Now? WOWWW but who is the guy and when did this happen? Ok wait a minute, is it Anurag? Your Flat mate in US. Isn’t it?”.
 “Wow darling you are smart, yes it is anu only and I am in Love Meera. In loooove.”, KIran made silly school girl sound.
Soon it was the time for stories and Kiran started narrating. At first I did not like him at all. He is a perfect IIT geek and you know how I have always hated these spekies (Guys who wore spectacles). But as we both started sharing the apartment provided by my internship company, I realized how sensitive and caring he was and don’t know when we both got attracted towards each other. We started dating and just like that one day on our Paris trip, he asked me for marriage and I just could not say no”.
Meera was listening to the perfect romantic story and was realizing how blessed Kiran is to have finally found someone like that. Kiran broke the second news to her that wedding will take place in 15 days as she only got that many leaves and then they both will be returning to The States for a year. This just broke Meera’s heart as now she was officially alone and she had no way to look forward in life. But she knew this is for the best as the worst had already past.
So, she pulled herself together and decided to give her best on her bestessst friends wedding. That evening they both went for their favorite golgappas and chat treats. This is how they both used to spend their happy and sad times together during their college days. It was all about love, love they shared with each other, and now this love only shall help them go forward in life. But at some time, you do need to stop a little and question yourself – what is that one thing which you love more than your own self? There has to be something which is above all. This is that same thing which acts as a medicinal relief at times of distress and this is also that thing with which you can spend hours together. It can be a hobby, a pet, a project or something like that.
This is what Meera decided to do. She decided to understand her self better. She knew that everything which she ever thought has changed and its time she also changes. She decided to get back that charm which she used to have once in her. She used to be the most popular face in her college days and so this is how she will spend her coming days. Good or Bad, they are her days. With this thought she turned to her side on bed and fell asleep only to wake up in the morning with a fresh attitude towards life.