Meera Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Are you serious? You really are single? Sujoy behaved like Meera did not belong to this clan and he certainly was not able to understand that why a pretty girl like Meera is single. Listen Sujoy, its my personal life and I would appreciate if you would let me keep it that way. She said and walked away to the pantry area to refill her bottle of water. Sujoy followed her and she did not realize that he was standing right behind her. As she turned she was startled, Shit what the hell are you doing here? Meera darling please, you have to make me understand that why are you single and then even if you are then why don’t you hang out more with people. I mean how on earth will you meet someone? Irritatingly Meera replied, dude its none of your business and walked away.
Sitting at her desk she was thinking why is it so hard for someone to just accept your status. Why are people so bothered to know about the painful parts of your life. Do they really want to sympathize with you or just mock you behind your back. Hey girl, lets go, Maria intervened and stopped the flow of thoughts Meera was in at that moment. They both had planned a movie date together. Somehow Maria was the comfort zone for her. In these 5 weeks, they both became quite good friends. Even Dheeraj was with them most of the time but he chose to remain mostly silent.
Don’t you just love Bradley Cooper dear. Ya of course he is damm hot, both giggled as they reached the theater to watch the latest Oscar winning movie of their favorite star. Sweetheart, don’t worry about Sujoy, he is just too much into others lives. Trust me, he is not that bad otherwise, Maria tried comforting her while buying big bucket of popcorns. Maria looked pretty with her tall and athletic figure. She did not look a lot like a usual Delhite girl who is fair as fair and lovely add girls and would chatter all the time about the hot looking guy she is dating and is planning to date and that was the reason she always stood out and may be that is why precisely Meera chose to be her friend rather then other hotties at work who looked hot but could only talk about nothing more than nonsense. So were the guys, Meera actually was surprised to see guys gossip more than girls unlike Dheeraj, who was very decent, smart looking , well mannered and a trust worthy friend.
Its almost 8 PM by the time movie was over and both the girls stood outside mall as Maria wanted to smoke before taking the metro. Just a few steps in front of them there were some guys standing and they started commenting on Maria. Oh what a chik! lets go out babe, and started passing more lewd comments about her smoking in public and her attitude which would mean as per them that she is a slut and sleeps with every men who approaches her.
Maria lets go from here. I don’t think we should be standing here. Meera, can you just keep quiet. I want to listen everything they are saying. It is best to just ignore and leave. Delhi is not safe city to take such risks. Shhhhh, can you just stay mum, Maria was upto something. Meera didn’t realize that all this while she was actually recording all this and was pinging to someone on whatsapp. Within almost 10 minutes, 2 cars came and around 7 girls out of which 3 were from their office got down and they came straight to Maria. Now all these 8 “chiks” walked towards those 4 loosers and stared at them. They gave them the most lustiest stare ever, starting at their pego, lips and chest. These guys were ashamed of there sexuality at that moment. It was evident in their eyes that they were scared of the unknown. They did not know what will happen next, but they feared whatever it will be, it will not be something which has happened earlier with them. One of the daring men screamed and said tu janti nai hai mere bande kitne khatarnaak hai. Abhi bulata hun. Chodunga nai main. (You don’t have any idea how strong my fellow men are. I will call them and will show you what can I do). All girls moved closer to these men without saying a word and the macho one’s started getting insecured and were intimidated and started moved back. Dheeraj came out of the car and grabbed collar of one of the men and while looking straight into his eye he said, saale ab kaha gaya tera dam (Abuse, where is your strength  now ?).

Dheeraj showed the entire clip to them which was recorded on their cell phones and told them now this will circulate everywhere and I will make sure that you guys will not be safe anywhere. To that these men started pleading and requested all women to forgive them. Maria spoke and asked these men to shell 1000 rupess per head and they did and ran.

Claps, hugs and laughter, that was the atmosphere in front of the mall. Hey guys what was all that and Dheeraj how did you know about all this, Meera questioned in surprised look. Arrey Meera we started this group in whatsapp last year after that shocking rape incident. We started with 5 members and now there are 28 members in our group “Lets fight back”. To that Dheeraj added, ya most of the people are from office and friends of friends. We have also registered our name under NGO listings and therefore we even get police protection if needed. Although we never needed it. So we basically are connected with each other and under such cases, we can just say word “HELP” and tell the exact location and some one or other will be there within 10-15 minutes. Its a pact. And just so you wondered why we collected money then babe, this will go under our management quota and we use this money to fill our petrol, buy safty gears for women in group, do some publicity events etc etc. So we make sure the money comes out from these filthy men only and he winked.

Wow, you guys are doing something amazing, Meera clapped for them. Hey girls let me drop you both till metro station and don’t worry Meera, they will not return. So go home and relax now and remember the time to ignore is over now. Now Lets Fight Back and he gave a high five in air.