Meera chapter 3

Its her first day at work and she is all exited while entering the multi storied building. Her office is at 9th floor and she has been directed by the security to take the lift which is towards her aftier crossing the fancy reception area and a Cafe Coffee Day outlet offering hangout place for employees.  Inside lift she is accompanied by 3 strangers, all of them looked very professional to her. They were in tailored suits and carried blackberries with them. She on the other hand, wore a dark blue jeans with buttoned down shirt and loafers. She paid attention in the morning while getting dressed afterall  she was going to work for a multimedia company where the atmosphere was completely relaxed and casual. There was no dress code and was famous for their chilled out working atmosphere.

“Hi, I am Meera, a new joinee.” to that security guard responded “Hello mam, please sign the register.” He handed over a new joinee badge to her and asked her to wear that around her neck and showed her the way to HR room.

Wow, this is the place for me, she though to herself the moment she entered the office. The walls were pained with cartoon characters in high definition colors, film stars from Hollywood and fancy color pattern. It did not take her time to realize that the major chunk of population was young and peppy.
“You must be Meera? “, HR head Suzzane asked her, “Oh yes! Sorry I did not realize I left the HR room behind. I was so caught up in the view”. “Yes we get that a lot from first timers. Well, please come, I will introduce you to your Boss”. Meera followed Suzzane in total awe of the place. They went to a tall and handsome Man, Kunal. “Hi, you must be Meera?”, Kunal asked, “Yes, nice to meet you.”
Kunal turned to his team and introduced Meera to the group of what seemed like 10 people. Hi guys, can I have a minute of your time which you are anyways wasting while browsing Facebook. With giggle, all turned towards Meera and introduced themselves to her one by one. Meera was amazed with the enthusiasm of these guys. Most of them were quit good looking and smart, she could only recollect the names of Ajay, Maria, Dheeraj and Sujoy. They seemed interested in Meera and offered her a seat next to them.
Meera had joined as a design intern and was handed over a power point presentations about the company and work by Kunal for the day. “Sweetheart, I just want you to chill out today. Go through these PPT’s and you will have an idea about you work. Well, if you must know, our previous design intern, Kavita quit her job as she and her husband are moving to the states. What a shame but good luck for you as you got a chance here. As you know we hardly hire. The reason, very simple, people hardly quit.” and kunal smirked and left.

After a while, Meera was relaxed in her new seating arrangement. She sat next to Dheeraj who was a sindhi lean and tall boy. He looked like a fresh college pass out. “Meera, please be relaxed. These PPT’s are pretty self explanatory and if you get stuck at any point then I am here to help. Ask any question at any time, without hesitation”, Dheeraj spoke and Meera replied “Thanks a lot Dheeraj” and she got immersed in the PPT. She was amused by this new atmosphere. People were cordial, friendly and lively. She was invited for lunch by Maria and they all shared the lunch while Maria and Sujoy were busy giving Meera tittle-tattle of office romances. They informed her about their boss Kunal and his flirtatious attitude and his smoking hot wife, and about Dheeraj and Charmee on whom he has crush since 2 years, about Maria and her cricketer boyfriend. All in all they accepted Meera in their group and may be this is what she needed.

later that day, while preparing dinner, maggi and mug of tea, Meera was kind of relaxed. She felt less agitated and less anxious about the future which is still dark in front of her. When she found the strength to steal a smile, she will someday find the laughter as well.