Meera Chapter 2

Days are passing by like eternity and she is now realizing, its time to get up and start moving ahead.Its not that she was sitting idle all this while, she was walking the path but not wholeheartedly. She was out there but still not there. There was a silent but grave pain buried inside her which she got used to now. All she wanted on the outside was to shake that feeling and stay happy and content forever but in reality she was used to this pain . She would embrace that as her own and go sleep each night.She would acknowledge that with every sunrise and start the day with that. Yes it was hers and she was scared to let it go. After all she lost her love and desires and passions and got this pain and what if she looses it also now? She was scared to start life again from scratch.

What are you thinking all the time? Asked Kiran to that Meera shook her head and said nothing at all. I am just enjoying my evening tea with you. After all from tomorrow I will have to drink this tea alone. Oh cmon Meera, don’t be so sad over this. You were the one who used to love being alone before and now you are sad? Kiran questioned and to that Meera replied, “I am ok dear. Its just that I am used to being around you now and might get lonely as you are going for more than a month”. “Yaar even I am feeling sad leaving my city for this long but this course is also important for me. After months of practice I cleared this exam for Yale university and its only for a maximum of 6 months Meera.Time will fly before we will know it.”, Kiran replied and to that Meera said “ya that’s ok darling and I am sure you will have a nice time there.”

Within days, Kiran left country and Meera was alone in a 2 bedroom apartment in Dwarka. She rented the flat with Kiran and basically she started this new life after her 2 years long live in relationship failed miserably. She moved to Delhi from Lucknow with the scars of physical abuse and mental torture. She had to leave her job in Lucknow after she was getting threats from her old lover. So one day she just came from the work and packed her bags and took flight ticket with whatever money she had. While standing at the airport, she decided where to go? Should it be Bangalore, where she used to live before or Jaipur, where her mom lived with their 2 dogs or Delhi, where her best friend lived. After calculating life at each place, she instantly brought ticket to Delhi and in hours she was comforted by her best friend Kiran. She was always welcomed in her house and here she was, all bruised and tortured and willing to start a fresh life.  She felt proud of herself as she was quiet happy to have found a new way but somehow, one actually feels the real pain after some time has passed by like an itch which get worked when it dries and the same happened with Meera. As days passed and the chances of her getting a good job faded and feeling of loneliness sank deeper and deeper that she started getting depressed and started moving inside a shell. She did not realize how much she was changed as a person and how quiet she remained these days. She hardly noticed her tears and only a fewer times she felt the desire to laugh and dance like before.

Its Sunday morning and Meera decided to spend the day at day care center where she went some times. She has always loved children and so when all seemed to fail, she realized she could at least  give some of her love to these children who have no family of their own. In reality this was the most selfish thing she had done in the recent past as she went to those children to feel happy for sometime instead of the other way round.

Hi didiiiii, all children spoke in chores and it was a beautiful depiction of the fact that Meera was loved dearly by these kids. “lets all go out today” and a full throttle noise from every one there. It was like this is whats kids were hoping to hear. she took them to Lodi gardens where she had planned the whole day of activities for them like Frisbee and cricket. It was then and there that while playing with these children she realized ‘Its Time’. “Its time to move on. Its time to embrace life. Its time to smile again. Its time to live again. Bad times will always be there and yes I want to be happy and I wanted a happy life with Chirag. I had the whole life planned ahead of me which was filled with love and children and a normal family life. Yes I wanted to be married to him and stay with him forever. But what the hell, so what if it did not work out. I am still me. Yes days are not as per my plan but still its not that bad. I can be resilient and I will be happy. So what if I am alone, I can and I will still happy”. With this thought, she rejoined the game with children and this time she felt relaxed as ever.