Meera chapter 10- Date?

Sunday morning# Alarm snooze @ 7 AM# Eyes wide open # Happy smile on face#

This was a new avatar of Meera. After leaving Chirag in Lucknow, she never felt at peace with herself. Things were changing now. She had an admirer and she could say that because in the last one week she had multiple conversations with Sid. Even then one part of her brain kept saying please go slow as those things which happens so quick are usually a disaster.

But this time it was different. She was with a mature man, Sid was almost 33 years old and was well educated from a renowned university. He used to work as a manager at his previous firm from where he decided to quit to start his business. He was smart, decent , knowledgeable and hardworking = all the things Meera wanted in her guy.

She jumped out of bed in a hurry and realized its only 7 and she is not meeting him until mid day so there was a hell lot of time to start getting ready. But time was her enemy as it moved as slow as it could and she did not want to ping him as she didn’t want to express her desperation to him. After several cups of coffee and a face pack later, she decided to start getting ready. After an hour while checking herself in mirror she ticked a mental checklist, Hair- well straightened, Makeup- Subtle, Dress- nice jeans and blue blouse which she brought from Zara for this day, it was made up of crochet kind of stitch and was slightly see through, Shoes- her favorite peep toes, so here she was looking subtle and sexy at the same time.

Within an hour with all the prep she was ready for the big DATE. Only problem was she didn’t know if this really was a date.

When she reached the pre-decided coffee-shop in Khan Market Sid was already there. It was quite evident from his gesture that he was pleased to see her. They both hugged in a slight awkward way.

Sid while complementing Meera: You are looking very nice.
Meera thanked him and returned the favor.

The waiter came too quick and placed two giant menu cards in front of them which  had a funny shape of Wine Bottle and served them their drinks. It seemed Sid had pre ordered two fruit crushes for both of them.

Meera: Hmmm so finally we meet.
Sid: Yup. I cant say am not excited coz I am.

Meera: (smiling) I cant say I am not impressed by your manners coz I am.
Sid: oh cmon. These are just small things but ya I would like to do something better for you like finding a decent job.
Meera: So did you find one for me?
Sid: Yes mam. I have a friend and there are openings in his organization. I have given him your number and you will get a call soon. (Sid said proudly)
Meera : Oh wow. Thats great. So now I am really impressed.
Sid: Just take me out for a coffee once you get the job (winked)

Waiter came to take orders and Sid leaned towards Meera and said “Since this is the first time we are together why don’t you order? ” and Meera thought to herself its really is a date.

She ordered some red pasta, chicken ravioli and mushroom with black beans and left the decision of wine on Sid.

It seemed like a complete shift of character in her. Only few months earlier she was all depressed and bruised from a relationship and today her face was stretched the whole time into a smile. She liked the feeling of sitting with a man who looks at her while eating rather than checking out the girls at next table and who talks to waiter in a polite way instead of treating him like a servant.

Sid waved his hand in front of her face, Hello, what happened? Where are you lost? Am I too bad of a company?

Oh not at all. I was just thinking of something, she replied and decided to pay attention here rather than mentally analyzing things. And just then Sid said, “so what do you like to do next?”  and she replied,”I dont know. Anything is fine with me”. “So lets go for a movie if you like or may be we can go to Kingdom of dreams or perhaps for a long drive if you like”, he offered.

Ummmm, I think movie would be OK for today as I have to go little early and kingdom of dreams is fun only at night and long drive would not be that fun too in this heat, she said.

So they decided to go for a movie “Queen”. The theater was quite far for a road trip and thus they had more time to chat in car. It was unbelievable for her that a man can be so intellectual and sensitive at the same time. Their talk again went to politics and system.

Sid: By cleaning roads, this new party will not be able to develop our country. I know cleaning is required but on a list of priorities they should have new industrial reforms and infrastructural developments and forming new policies to increase the gdp.

I completely agree with you Sid but you are deviating from the topic. Government will make policies but when at grass root level there is corruption then how can they ensure that all the implemented policies are taking effect? she said while defending her party.

Oh dear Meera, just give me a month and I will change your views. I promise you that I will make you a pro for my party and they both laughed about it and headed for movie.

While watching the scene when actor in the movie leave actress a day before wedding Meera realized this is the wrong movie she has chosen to watch with him as she was unable to control her emotions at that time. She was  just like the actress some time back. The only difference was she left him but other than that life was pretty much the same. She took an auto with all her bags while he was asleep in middle of night and went to airport without realizing that her eyes were full tears.  A tear dropped while thinking of that night and watching the actress cry. She wiped it quickly but it was too late and Sid had already seen it.

The later part of movie was heroic and they both enjoyed every bit of it. In parking lot, Sid asked her that why she cried and she felt like this is the right time to tell him about her past but somehow she could not tell him and she just gave a shy smile as a response.

He dropped her home and they both hugged nicely this time. He planted a kiss on her cheek and wished her goodnight.