Lets Do This: day 8

What a busy day it was!

Feels like it was only a few hours ago that I jumped out of bed in the morning. The day today went unnoticed and I certainly do not think that is a very good thing but it is what it is. I am sure this happens with a lot of people who work and commute to work in public transports that the day turns into night which then turns into a week and before you know it a year has gone. Once  that happens we get crazy and bombed with the negligible things we did last year and hence we  make new year resolutions to make “this” year count and we slip into our same old boring routine only after 10 days.

What is the issue with us? Why do we only do things when there is pressure. I think we all should learn and teach our mind muscles to be more proactive on a regular day to day life and only then we will be able to do things we really should be doing.

As a part of my regime, I did get up at 4:50 Am today and did some home workout and also I ate healthy the whole day. But even said that, I was actually feeling that these YouTube home videos are actually mediocre workout and my body is used to the rigorous drill.Hence, I feel I have to include more running into my daily workouts rather than only running on the weekends.

An inside : I have downloaded an app called “5 minutes journal” and I am loving it. I actually started writing my morning journal in this rather than in my diary and this morning I had three goals to accomplish to make this day an amazing day and those were-

  1. Great workout – done
  2. Solving a work related problem – well, lets talk about this later
  3. reaching home on time – done

So that is a good score. ins”t it?