Lets do this: Day 5

Some Loss Some WIn

I think 5th day was very easy in terms of getting up early and kicking some ass in the morning. However, it was very tough in night while eating a clean dinner. I proudly started my day with a very good workout and I am sharing the link of my workout for anyone who is looking for some exercise at home. Not just ANY exercise but really good tonic exercise then they should take a look at the workout video.

When you start your day with some good kick-ass workout then for sure the whole day goes smoothly. You will have more energy to complete more tasks, you will be more focused and you will have less craving for food. It definitely happens with me. My day was good with good office work, one -o-one discussions with my team and lot of data analysis and I didn’t get tired but I came home to Kachoris.  I tried to fight with my mom that I wont eat all that stuff since it would do no good to me but looks like at times you just can not win a conversation. So I had it. Half kachori. 🙁