Lets Do This: Day 4

I did it!

Something crazy happened this morning. It was 4:50 AM and whoosh I jumped out of bed like I got panic attack thinking I missed my early morning regime. Hence, I checked my mobile again and again while trying to open my left eye (As I can only open my right eye when I wake up for the initial 10 seconds). So, here I was wide awake even before my alarm went off…. wow.

What did I do then?

I straight away went to brush my teeth and then to kitchen to warm some water and mixed aloe vera juice in it and drank. Well, straight to workout clothes and just before stepping outside for a great run I opened my curtains and here it was – darkness.

I am guessing a lot of you would not know much about Delhi. Well my friends going out in darkness for specially a women is equivalent to inviting danger. I am not saying there are beats sitting outside my home in early morning darkness but I am not comfortable going out at that time… as simple as that.

This made me a bit sad but I decided to work out at home and do some Youtube HIIT workout rather than waiting for the sun to spread its light on me. The workout was good and I actually felt quiet happy when I was done after 30 minutes.

I am now thinking that maybe this is how I should do. HIIT/YOGA/AEROBICS on weekdays and RUN on weekends. what do you think about this?

Also please recommend me some nice youtube workout videos.