Lets Do This: Day 2

Lets Do This: Day 2

While finding “The Best Theme on WordPress” I totally forgot about the time and its already 9:45 PM and I reckon by the time I will finish writing this blog it would be easily 10:30 PM. Basically which would mean that I will have less time to sleep tonight. Bummer!

I don’t think I ever payed this much attention to the time per se, in my entire growing up life. I mean I clearly remember the time when I was in 9th standard and getting good grades was the “only” motto of my parents life but I was busy building castles in my day dreams. As my mom used to work in a full time tough nurse job, she used to return home pretty late after her shift and as I write this I can actually still feel that time when it was already 9:00 PM and the next day was my Science exam and I was busy watching TV. Ting Tong!

Oops my mom’s home and in about fraction of seconds the TV goes off, lights and fan of that room goes off too, the sofa goes clean, my books open and here I go with big eyes to open the door for my mom who always felt that I probably studied too hard the whole day whereas I was doing everything possible except studying. And that used to be the moment when I would realize that I wasted all that days time. I would then study like crazy till the time I could force myself to stay awake and I still scored well. This always makes me question myself that ‘what if I would have studied a little bit harder?’

So now I do not want to waste even a nickle of my life’s time as once you hit your 30s you feel it that time would pass you by sooner than you know it. Don”t get me wrong, I celebrate the 30s and I genuinely feel that this is the best time of life except for 40s which I think is super awesome but even said that, 30s are the time when you realize that we spent more than required time in a gift shop.

Hence, here I was, early morning at 5:05 Am, out of my bed. I was determined to be better than yesterday and I was feeling a bit less sleepy in morning today. I also did some yoga today and to be precise-

  • one set of suryanamakar
  • bhujangasana
  • dhanurasana
  • naukasana with variation
  • trikonasana
  • vrikshasana
  • utkatasana
  • And some meditation.

By the time I was ready to office, I felt good. So tomorrow I need to push myself out of door, out in open to run. Lets see how far I go with this determination.

Chao for tonight and by the way the time is 10:00 PM and I yawned almost 6 times in last 10 minutes. Yawwwohn.