Lets Do This: Day 1

Its 9:40 pm my time in India and I am back from a very long day at work.  If I look back at the day then I myself get mesmerized. I left home in the morning at 6:40 AM , reached office at 8:30 AM, worked whole day, started from there at 6;30 PM and reached home at 9:10 PM. wow. Thats like super busy and occupied. Can someone please check from Mr Obama if he spends an equal amount or less time solving world issues? Well I certainly should be awarded for my brave act today.

First things first, I did get up at 5ish in the morning but I took it a while to rub my eyes and shake myself up for exercise and by the time I brushed my teeth it was 5:40 AM and oopsy no time to workout but I had started a regime so how I can I give up. Hence, I did some sit ups, lunges, squats and stretching. I know these are not enough for getting anybody in shape but hey it was my first day and the most important thing was to get my ass off from bed and I did it. clap clap.

One things I did not do carefully today: eat. My stomach was basically a dumpster today and ate about anything I could get.

Okay for the record, I usually eat healthy and I am self motivated to do a lot of physical activities but I have some bad habits about food and life in general.

1. I am a tea addict. Not the nice herbal tea but Indian Chai with milk and sugar. Now I don’t take much sugar in chai so in a normal chai I would have 1/4 tsp of sugar but my mom says that this is the MAJOR block between me and my slimmer self. So maybe it is. Oh I forgot to mention that I can drink as many cups as possible in a day and 6 are normal. I also binge eat when bored. Basically when I am stressed I drink chai.

2. I love working out. Basically anything which require enthusiasm and energy gets me super active and maybe that is why I love trekking  and because of all the treks and training I did my body is used to tough training but I am fighting against time. I am not making it up. I actually do not have time. (KEINE ZEIT). So I am here to find time and basically make workout a habit like combing hair.

3. I need to finish my book in my erratic time. So yes that is a major haul. Lets see how I go about it.

Well there many more things I wish to achieve with this blog like meditation, reading and creative stuff that are crazy. But as one of the famous song says “we shall overcome (Hum Honge Kamayab in hindi)” we all should never loose hope and stop trying. So here it goes- Lets do this!

Hum Honge Kamayab

Hum Honge Kamayab, Hum Honge Kamayab. Ek Din. Oh ho Man Me Hai Vishwas. Poora Hai Vishwas. Hum Honge Kamayab Ek DIn.