Insipid Thought Zone: ITZ

Brain Dump

My brain, officially is acting as a battle ground of many insurgent action which turn into pretty much awesome actions but all of those are unaccounted for and in the realm of life, unwarranted. I announce that my brain has gone rogue. For the last few hours, it has been feeding me with pretty strong emotion and repeating in chorus- “I don’t want to go to work”. “I don’t want to go to work”. “I don’t want to go to work” and I do what I always do – let the current pass through me and remain strong and repeat with the active part of my brain “You stupid piece of shit, shut the fuck up, I have loans to pay and so do you. So stand down and march your big ass to a place you used to love only a couple of months ago. Face your challenge. Its just a passing wave and it will pass. Like always..”

So maybe time has come again where I begin this journey of trapping the inner disturbed voice and put it in its right place- The insipid Thought Zone.

Are you along for a ride?

Life is not that bad actually if you look at it. Yes,  there are bills to pay, there are people who back stab you, there are situations when you fail to stand up for yourself, situations that turn bad instantly,  facing the reality so to speak but there are also other awesome parts to it which involves work again, Ofcourse nothing comes free- even the things you take for granted are not for granted. Try doing it for long and you will lose it.  So with that said, we are not that sour ourselves, by which I mean me and my thoughts. We take care of health, love the people we love, plan for future, get finances up, stand strong and do what we do.

Its not easy ofcourse but its worth it.

Like I said, its a battle ground and you don’t give up. Ever. You know why? If you give up then you are either dead or defeated. I am none of those and so aren’t you.

So, today if your brain is acting funky too then put the thoughts in your ITZ and do what you have to. It will all be worth it in the end.

Oh, wait a minute… Did I just say, END? No no , it never ends. We do it over and over again.

P.S Maybe its too much of repressive emotions speaking up or there is a good chance that it may be too much of Quantico FBI speaking after a much needed binge watch break….

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