First Over : 30 days challenge: Day 2

2018 IN THREE WORDS – What 3 words best describe your year so far?

After some thinking I feel these have been my 3 words for 2018 –

Grit: 2018 was tough for me in a lot of ways. I did not get what I expected , again and again and again and at many times I wanted to just give up on my desires and ambitions and on myself. But I somehow did not leave the ‘Hope Thread’. I pushed through in my own ways, sometimes slower than I should have. I am still more or less at same place but I am much more sorted than what I was probably during the course of year.

Let It Go: One major break through for me on emotional level was to sit down and have a deep conversation about letting go of some people in my life. I have let go of most of the negativity which I used to get from few interactions but I also suffered a lot of heart break from loved ones. At those times, I decided to choose for myself and talk myself out of the non-comfort feeling of being left alone if I choose to let loose all relationships. Eventually the decision has come to fulfill me at deeper levels as those who wanted to be with me, came back and those who probably were just there for the heck of it, never tried to get back with me. So now I know who is my true companion.

Future: Throughout the year, I was thinking , getting worried, planning for my near future. I have been confused, scared and many more things while planning for future. There were times, when I would not know what step to take as I had no clue what I would be doing or rather what I should be doing next year. Although, I do have slight bit clarity now but on some level, I have made piece with the uncertainty in my future planning area of life. We will see where it takes us. Right?

The year is about to end and no matter what I do, nothing is going to drastically change unless finally I start getting my dues back. Until then –

karm karo fal ki ichha mat karo


कर्म करो और फल की चिंता मत करो – गीता

Do your duty without thinking about the results – Srimad bhagavad gita

After all for how long can we be stopped really? Some day we will sprout too.