Fight With Happiness- Day 5

There was a reason I decided on this challenge for myself – Find happiness or rather be in happiness every day for 2021. The idea was not to jump with joy each day and act like a lunatic rather remind myself this one fact each day that happiness is an essence of life and its within us at all times. Its not something that I can try and gain from the outside world but can only feel it in the moment.  

Though I was very much aware that there will come days when things would just won’t feel great. Today is that day. I woke up at 5:30, thanks to my caller. I was non stop at my to do list until 7 pm when I had a crash. Usually I would choose to binge watch at such moments but haven’t done that so far so maybe I have mastered a bit of good habit in the last 4 days , lmao.

Maybe I am just tired and disappointed with not finishing what I had aimed to finish and there is something bothering me which could be just my view of a particular situation like most of the time but I am not able to shake this worry. You know there are times when you feel that someone is not happy with something you did or said but you can’t ask them and feel the weight on your shoulder? I have the same feeling and though its not something I did rather its an opinion I am slightly getting worried about. But as Mr Hanson always tells me -“Things are never as bad as they seem”, I am going to stay calm.

Another thing that probably was the main reason for my crash?

It was when I saw in the news that Kashmir has had an amazing snow fall and people are vacationing there and I think I started to spiral down thinking how long it has been since I did anything happy like that. But its life and its best to just exhale and stay in the moment.

Good times are coming…