Cooking Happiness In 2021: day 73

One magical moment

I went for a medical test today and at the main entrance, the person at kiosk asked me if I have my ID card, previous records and a pen. I had everything but a pen so he suggested that I go to the nearby market and purchase one. Mind it, it was 8:45 am and which stationary shop is opened at this hour? But he insisted that I buy so I went to this nearby market and all I could see were handful of breakfast joins and smoke kiosks.

Desperate me went to a small shop selling cigarettes and I asked this shopkeeper regarding a shop from where I can buy a pen at this hour. A very nice man standing at the shop said ‘beta you won’t get any at this time. Pause. I think I have one so let me give you one. He started walking towards this small café where he had his bag and I stood outside the café feeling awkward.

He came and gave me a pen and when I enquired on how can I return it to him after my medical tests, he said ‘its a beautiful day and its my gift to you’.

Later when I reached home, I read ‘British Council’ written on that pen. So, uncle thank you very much for helping me today. I am not sure what’s your name but I wish I pass on this goodwill by helping someone in need someday.