Cooking Happiness In 2021: day 65

I dedicate this month to sweet six letter work – HEALTH.

In 2019, I got diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and my life changed. In the beginning it was all shock, anger, self-victimization, resentment, fear and sadness. ‘Why me’ was the question that I asked all the time and as always there was no answer to this. But after some days of teary existence, I realized that maybe its for the best. Now, I just cannot forget taking care of my health and maybe that is a good thing. Be it with force, I care for ME. I don’t have an alternative and once again – is that really that bad a thing?

But having said that, I am only human. Once my body started to figure out this new life, I became complacent with my health. Now add covid lockdown & covid induced life stress to this equation and you get a very sedentary – stressful life which is poison for T1d. One day of binge eating led to a week which led to a month and then before I knew it, I was 8 kg overweight, high hba1c and low on self-love.

Of course, things started to get better with new job, ease of restrictions around city, recovery from covid and hope for a new life. Two hidden truths are here is that life does get better, no matter what & we as humans are quite adaptive in nature. Bring us anything and though we will cry but still will adapt quicker than one can imagine.

A small example- we had water scarcity in my locality due to some work and first day was so difficult, second was better as we were prepared and third was so much better than day 1. The problem still exists and though it is inconvenient, we are fine.

Having said that, I don’t want to adapt to complacency when it comes to my health. There are few things that I really need to focus on like losing the weight & managing my blood sugar. Now these things are not easy for anyone and for someone with T1D, its much more complicated. Honestly, I don’t have all the right answers.

But I made a promise to myself and to my future kids that I am going to take best care of my health above anything else. Jaan hai to jahan hai!

So, let’s put the peddle on the metal and get set go.

Its 7th of March when I am writing this blog but nothing to worry as I have more than 21 days which people say are needed for habit change. I don’t have a solid plan as to what I will be doing. There are only a handful of changes which on the surface are so simply yet will change the health quotient for Sheetal Pawar.

What are the things or habits I am willing to and planning to focus on are-

  • Get up at 5 am. Do meditation and simple Yoga
  • A morning walk for 30 – 40 min but this depends on my blood sugar levels
  • Start work by 8:30 am
  • Eat Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner at same time with same carbs for same insulin requirement.
  • Try zero snacks for understanding apt insulin to carb ratio for my body
  • Make my own food – 80% of time
  • One to two stretch breaks in day
  • Finish work by 6 pm
  • Walk for 20 min
  • Dinner by 7 pm
  • Read before bed for at least 1 hour

I am going to be following a method taught by Mr. Hanson and the reason is to simply not overwhelm me.

Get up at 6 AMGet up at 5 AMGet up before 5 AM
Daily walk for 40 minMeditation & YogaRead before bed for at least 1 hour  
Eat Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner at same time with same carbs for same insulin requirement.Start work by 8:30 am  Finish work by 6 pm  
Try zero snacks in March for understanding apt insulin to carb ratio for my bodyMake my own food – 80% of time  One to two stretch breaks in day  
1400 – 2000 calorie diet 1400 Calorie diet 
Mr. Hanson’s Method

The column 1 is a must do and slowly move towards excellence. Now I am hoping that now that I am writing it online, I will try my very best to stick to it. Though, its very common to have an episode of hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia to shock my system. But I promise to give it my 100%.

Wish me luck. Please.