Cooking Happiness In 2021: day 64

Words are my savings grace.

I found this amazing concept, “Personal Diary” as a small girl. In the beginning it was all about cute stuff. I started recording cute memories in my diary like “Who are my 5 best friends”, “My 10 favorite songs”, “My favorite friends moments” etc. Later, these converted into real life incidents and often times, I found myself writing more during difficult times. It became a pattern. I write when I am sad and I write the best when I am sad. Some of my old diaries still make me very emotional when I read them now and its not because I revisit some tough moments from past rather the content feels like a good heart wrenching story. Its like I feel I know this girl, I know this pain and I know so many who have had similar stories. In those moments, I feel that this little girl who is sad because her tailor aunty called her fat is not alone as I am right here with her. And somehow it soothes that little girl.

There came a point in life when I started contemplating, ‘If I should stay unhappy to have a good life’. I also struggled a lot with what should my blog be about as if I have to make my blog famous then it should be SEO driven, niche topic and with lot of things in right direction. Silly me!

Why I called myself silly?

Because I did not figure this out that life moves on at its pace and we see ups and downs like a roller costar ride. It never stays at one moment for long. Now, at 36 years old, I am sort of relaxed. I don’t want to choose unhappiness or happiness. I don’t want to write to change the world or have my blog rank higher in Google.

Now I know that my blog is my personal diary. The only hope I have from this is that hopefully it presents itself in front of you when you really needed to read this. May this be with the right person at the right time.