Cooking Happiness In 2021: day 44

Its Valentine’s Day

So if I ask you on what does valentine’s day mean for you then what would be your answer?

For me it meant so many different things from one time to another.

Like in my school days, it was all about getting a look from someone in class. In College it was about a lovely heart emojis Orkut message. During real adult life, it was from ‘I don’t care about these days’ to ‘Imagining whole life with a silly crush’. Now, its about remembering all the good I have in my life like my partner, my parents, sister, extended family, big group of real friends and a whole bunch of new family.

So now, every year I spend some quality time with my folks, my partner and remember how blessed I am to have all these people in my life. That is how this day usually unfolds for me now.

But this year, apart from all this, I also wanted to really cherish ME. The things is, I have always been very hard on myself and no matter what breaks in life, its somehow always my fault. Like if a relationship breaks then it must be something wrong I did at some point, if my health is bad then its really MY mistake, when I feel lonely then also its somehow my fault. I kid you not, I have been my worst enemy for the longest time ever.

Though since last few years I started paying more attention to myself But But , this pattern is hard to break. Its like my first reaction when something goes wrong. I need someone to blame and that someone is mostly just me. So when all of sudden, I started feeling unwell few days ago, I started to realize how for granted I had somehow taken my health. I mean I live with an autoimmune condition then how come I let it slip. But last night, I remembered because of Valentine’s day that its okay.

No matter what ever is the next problem with my health, relationship, finance or goals , I can figure it out.

Cheers to this lovely life and the journey ahead. We all can figure this out.

Something else that made my day was this amazing realization that I have the real prince charming in my life. I know life is tough and we are not where we would have wanted to be but we are enough and that’s all that matters. By the way, I am totally against PDA during these times as do not want to rub it in anyone’s face as times are really hard. At the same time, this also made us realize the closeness we have with our people, our tribe.

I hope that everyone feels blessed to have their tribe today but most importantly, its a blessing to really love thyself.

To self Love.