Cooking Happiness In 2021: day 43

Most tired you have ever felt. When ?

Lets go on an imagination experiment. Imagine yourself in the below mentioned three situations.

Situation 1- A family wedding: You have a wedding in your family which means several days of long functions, heavy dresses, lot of yummy unhealthy food and a lot of stress along the way on several broken heals, missed dance steps. How do you feel after its over?

Situation 2 – A long and hectic trek: You trekked a glacier for say 10 days which also included travel through various transports, healthy but limited food, exhaustion from all that hiking , travelling, less sleeping etc. Now you are back home and you just showered. How do you feel?

Situation 3- You had a food comma: You ate your heart out including several snacks, a whole pizza and many slices of cake along with some bubbly. I know you can picture this verry easily. How are you feeling now?

Now add all three situations. This is how I am feeling for last 3 days with yesterday being the peak when I needed someone to push me on stairs. I do not know the reason yet and have some tests scheduled for tomorrow. But this is not uncommon for someone with T1d.

I might have enjoyed tasty food and long sitting hours for more than I should have. Now, even though I want to walk, I can not. But I will be fine and I have to be fine. You know times like these, everything looks small to me. I mean it, everything. The only and only thing that matters is that I start feeling healthy again.

So, my friends, tomorrow being the valentines day, I am going to indulge in a lot of self love. The fresh order just arrived from Big Basket and that has a lot of greens so I am back to my salads, soups and healthy walks. Everything else can wait. Tomorrow, expect me to be unreachable unless its celebrating valentines with my boo at night.