Cooking Happiness In 2021: day 41

For exactly the 5 people who read my blogs – ‘sorry I missed last two days’.

Yes I should not have and yet I did but now what can I do about it? So I am just letting it go and not being hard on myself. Hota hai yaar.

Few things that happened since last five days-

I went to dentist without any fear in my heart. I was brave and I am so proud of myself. Seriously I wasn’t scared at all. I had few moments of real pain when he drilled into my teeth but but but I was brave. I have not idea how the heck I am not scared this time but maybe dentophobia is finally over.

I went to mall after work. Yes, after 1 year I had a trip to a nearby mall. I won’t say I was jumping or anything but I had an aha moment when I saw those timtimati lights and shining places. It was like wonderland and I realized how this concept of “Shopping Mall” would have excited the public at its birth. FYI, now the hubbad dubbad of Strangers things mall scenes make totalll sense.

I played chess, not once, not twice but 5 times. It started as a birthday present to Mr. Hanson which converted into a joyful online activity which we can do together. I am waiting for my next game and I am getting better at it. But of course I have an awesome teacher.

I started walking again. Now its time that I start taking care of my health again. I know soon I will have a blood sugar crash or rise and that will affect my mood and life but on other days, I want to be active and may I say- I want to be ME.

Well, thats all.

Ab batche ki jaan loge kya.