Cooking Happiness In 2021: day 35

Today is a happy day coz its Mr Hanson’s birthday.

This is going to be a personal blog for him and me. So others please shut your eyes.

There are 1000 reasons why your birthday is really special to me and more than a million reasons why you are so special but here I will try and list 35 reasons for your 36th Birthday.

  1. You are the most kind man I have ever seen.
  2. If you talk to people then you are genuinely interested in them.
  3. You have an innate sense of responsibility for issues close to your heart. Like me
  4. You never give up on things that matter.
  5. The love for knowledge is in top 2 life priorities of your life.
  6. You are an explorer.
  7. Self righteous – always.
  8. You are a true friend.
  9. The sweetest nerd ever.
  10. You are the best combination of Ross meets Sheldon.
  11. The intellectual world in your mind is a vast ocean or maybe like 100,000 encyclopedia combined.
  12. When others loose all hope then also you don’t.
  13. You looks at each disappointment as a real opportunity. I wonder how?
  14. You are so handsome that you can give biggest celebs a run for their money.
  15. You love long walks. I mean reaaaaly long, like for hours.
  16. You can go to any length for some one you like. For example the long walk from one country to another, literally.
  17. You hardly ever say the word – I hate it.
  18. You rarely say the word without meaning it – I love it.
  19. Above two points shows that you stay true to your feelings.
  20. You are naturally a quiet and deep thinker.
  21. You are not a fan of PDA. We can work on this.
  22. You are smoking hhhhh. You get it right?
  23. You always take bold steps.
  24. You have real big dreams and you are consistently working towards them.
  25. You are compassionate beyond one can imagine.
  26. You love to travel.
  27. You don’t want a conventional life. I love that.
  28. There are no biases in your mind.
  29. You are a family man.
  30. You can study and learn for hours without getting tired.
  31. You are open to learning new ways.
  32. You really value true relationships and do your best to keep the boat rocking.
  33. You believe in the element of surprise.
  34. A true giver.
  35. Success or failure, it does not get to you.
  36. Additional point – You are the best hun.