Cooking Happiness In 2021: day 34

Our Desire To Connect

At my work we have this weekly zoom team meeting where everyone keeps their video on and we see and hear what new is happening this week. Though its mostly about work but its more about connection. It does not matter if people have met one another in the past or not, if they know one another at one level deep or not, this desire to connect is real.

Sometimes I wonder how exciting this trait is in all of us. We all just want to belong and that feeling of belongingness comes from different things for different people.

I know for some it comes from a big circle of friends and for some its from their kids. Also for few its from books or intellectually stimulated conversations with people who match their bandwidth or from a big online community of followers. No matter the packaging, we all just want the same end product.

Today I started to see how few were getting excited because they will be meeting in person soon and few were getting the feeling of being left out as they could not be there. For some it was sweet reminder of some old lost funny events & conversations and for some it meant quickly finding the tribe where they belong.

This lockdown has done one good thing – it has made people realize how good the connection is.

We are the species who live in tribes and the hustle over last many years somehow made everyone of us feel negative about the same old crowd. Now we are wondering where is my tribe and how do I connect with them?

Today’s blog is dedicated to those connections I have in my life.