Cooking Happiness In 2021: day 33

You can’t take your health for granted and yet we do it all the time.

I have received wake up calls related to my health at quiet few times in my life yet somehow I always slip into a toxic routine. Lockdown has turned a real disaster for my health- both physical and mental. I was doing so well with going to bed at 11 pm and then I missed one day and then it slipped. Last night, instead of sleeping I got intrigued into watching this ted talk about adultery and then got urge to watch this one episode from Big Bang Theory where Amy has her bachelorette party ( Mr. Hanson knows the connection).

So today I woke up all grumpy and when I stepped on scale then I really felt that I had let it slip for way too many days.

My idea of health is not a perfect weight but a perfect blood sugar and a healthy lifestyle. These both are not happening. I am constantly sleeping late and eating way too much junk food plus I am spending zero minutes on caring for myself.

You can’t really deplete this energy too much. So its high time I pay absolute 100% attention towards my self.

Today’s blog is dedicated to self and the idea of self care for me is –

  • Sleeping on time
  • Waking up on time
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Read
  • Eat no junk and try two carbs meals a day
  • Have candle filled, relaxed night with a book