Cooking Happiness In 2021 – Day 26

Happy Republic Day.

72 years ago, on this day, Indian constitution was formed which was more than 5 months after the Indian Independence day. It took all these days for the selected community of people to form the constitution of a whole country. I was thinking today, how difficult that task must have been. From getting the country out of poverty , oppression to making employment & work opportunities, self governing laws for the people and promoting governance. All these must have been a tough job.

If you think about it, usually big changes are difficult. They take years of planning, sacrifice and hard work plus unimaginable amount of patience. During this struggle period , there are always options to change direction, change goals, loose or gain momentum or give up. Many must be giving up as its not easy to follow the path based on just a gut feeling that if we continue then things will work out. But we know the stories of people, societies that stayed put.

Why am I saying all this? Let me tell something about today.

A few weeks ago, this day had a very different meaning for me. I was over the moon imagining myself taking a cab and going for a much needed respite. I could see myself brimming with joy. Then things changed , thanks to the new strain of Covid and another set of restrictions. Now, the day was all about an off from work, protest on streets and staring at blank spaces.

But its not that bad too. I too need a long term vision and stay put.

Today, just let me be.

Happy Moment – I went for a walk and it was a lovely sight. Family after family were celebrating Republic day holiday. There were games, talks and laughter all around.

A funny thing made me smile today (only 80s Indian kid will know this)- few kids were playing cricket and one boy hit the ball hard so the other guy started running behind the ball. So the first one shouted at him – Bhag Arjun Bhag.