Cold Night!

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Entered the room, head covered with the warmest plain brown cashmere shawl. It had rained the whole day and winter rains have never been her favorite. Unwrapped herself bit by bit, first the shawl then the long coat and the boots and slowly as the warm coating is wearing off so as the comfort and protection of the warmth on this cold night is leaving the body. The door creaked, maybe she left the window open in her room in the morning.

“By now the room must have turned ice”, she thought to herself.

Yes, the window is open and the cold breeze is trespassing through the opening and filling the entire room into one cold moist mess. “GREAT!”, she said loudly with anger she had been hiding the whole day. This is not something she wanted after a long day of exasperation.

“Nothing can ever go right with me?”, she asked looking at the sky from the opened window.

Poured her energy to close that window, locked it down as if she doesn’t want to open this ever again. Goes onto undressing herself from removing her clothes and makeup to scraping off the pretense she had put on the whole day.  Sat in front of the mirror and looked deep into those dark brown eyes. It looked painfully empty but she did not feel alone at the same time. As if it was right here, that old friend whom she had dumped into a big dark box and had said her goodbyes. But no, its here and its presence can be easily felt around her shivering body. Now that she thinks of it, she realizes that it never actually left her. It was here all along, waiting for the right moment to jump out of despair into what seemed like a very much reality.  Its dark as always and its presence alone brings the gloominess and like a halo surrounds her. Slowly like a black hole, its sucked her last bit of joy and now she is in its control, weeping.

“I don’t think I can do this anymore.”, said while still looking at the mirror and the empty eyes are now filled with deep big rain drops of pain.

“NO! You can’t take me again. I am strong. Go away from me and do not come back”, she roars at the old friend and somewhat the fear of dark shrinks but its still there. She stands up and tip toes on cold floor with her bare feet and run towards the bed which is icy cold because of the open window. Lies down and covers herself in the blankets.

“Wait a minute. I did close the window. I remember it.” She thinks to herself . She removes the blanket and moves her eyes around to see if something is different since morning. Contemplating if she had left the ironing rod on the dressing table or ,

A LOUD NOISE and before she could understand anything, the window is wide open!