Same yet changed!

        Woke up at midnight and felt all changed. Walked over to the kitchen table and it looks same but has changed. Peeped into kids room and saw their calm sleepy smiles but felt like its not the same. Sat beside him in bed and spotted his midnight sleep gab. He is…

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Cold Night!

Entered the room, head covered with the warmest plain brown cashmere shawl. It had rained the whole day and winter rains have never been her favorite. Unwrapped herself bit by bit, first the shawl then the long coat and the boots and slowly as the warm coating is wearing off so as the comfort and…

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There are thousand stories left unsaid. It all lies cold in my heart. Thousand more which I can say out loud. But can someone really get their part? Morning tries to wake up the inner desires and along I go but the beast is awakened with the passing hours. Thousand days and nights have gone…

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How dare I write Fiction – a sort of prologue

Let me begin by asking you a simple question, How do you like to spend your valuable time? If it is reading then here is a tiny treat for you my friend. If you are like me who enjoys writing then welcome to my Fiction-Away-Time. If I think about a relationship between me and my…

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Loser dairies

​I am all dressed today with blow-dried hair, red lipstick, kohl, tights with nice black and white sweater. standing in my fancy  boots. I am looking pretty awesome, I know and I also know that behind kohl eyes are deep emotions of despair. You can’t see me today and why do I care looking good when I actually feel empty inside. 

Waiting at my usual metro station I kept staring at the tracks in front of me and it hits me. I can’t do this anymore. Per chi? For whom? I don’t realize the space around me and I start to sob like I just got off from phone with a news of someone dearly being passed away. I drop down to my knees with eyes n nose full of teary water and an open mouth with painful sob sounds. No one comes to save me from this embarrassment and I cry more. I cover my face with my palms and pray to God to take my life as I have done enough damage in one life to my own self. Let me start again.please. Give me one more chance.

Loud metro siren comes buzzing and breaks my chain of thoughts.  Here I was standing tall with sad eyes which were dreaming of sobbing just a nano second ago. I take a deep breath and ask my broken spirit to get her ass off from floor and pretend for one more day. Let’s bring a show together my friend…just once more.

She doesn’t listen but I have to get on the metro so I walk towards the metro and like the loser she is, she runs and comes to metro behind me.

Meera chapter 10- Date?

Sunday morning# Alarm snooze @ 7 AM# Eyes wide open # Happy smile on face# This was a new avatar of Meera. After leaving Chirag in Lucknow, she never felt at peace with herself. Things were changing now. She had an admirer and she could say that because in the last one week she had multiple…

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Meera chapter 9 – First Email

She reached home and all she could think of was how nice Sid was and that she can still be hopeful to meet someone nice like him after the horrified incident in her past where she was abused and tortured to death. “God, I don’t want to think about chirag now. I don’t even want…

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Meera chapter 8- Where it all started!

2 Months back. I was travelling back to Delhi from Jaipur from Shatabdi express after an usual guilt trip meet with my mother and as I entered the boogie I found out that my seat was next to a very handsome man. The train journey from Jaipur to Delhi is for almost 5 hours and if…

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Meera chapter 7: Wedding Day!

Wedding Day: The wedding hall was decorated with Marygold and Rose garlands everywhere and the aroma was distinctively of these flowers plus tadka dall, shahi paneer and moong daal halwa. The barat had come with a bang with groom dancing with his brothers at the gate. This was a rare visual as mostly we would…

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Meera Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Soon it was the day of wedding. Kiran was all prepared to look like a wedding diva in her royal red and gold lehanga. She was a dreamer her whole life and had planned her wedding even before she had any idea about the concept of marriage itself. She collected little things for…

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