Hi, I’m Sheetal,

This blog is a space where I express without the so called “Fears”, fear of judgement, fear of failure & fear of wining. Its a sacred place for me where I am fearlessly sprinkling thoughts and ideas.

I feel that each and every person has a story to tell and I wish I could be their writer.

I might have been a nomad in last life and maybe somewhat in this one too. Travelling for me is like coming home and living out of a suitcase, well that’s what I want to be.

Philanthropist at soul. Loves Nature. Adore kids. Love gyan. Laughing is a therapy.

Who Am I?

A nomadic at heart, crazy in mind and childish in bones. I never really felt connected with the normal day to day life and always felt that there is something strangely wrong with everyone around me who are busy running behind their “ducks in a row” or I am funnily crooked up in head. My writing process started as an attempt to understand my role in all this jazz around me.

So here I am, writing away to glory. Not sure what I want to achieve but who cares, right?

Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain! Louis Tomlinson

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  1. Nice to know this side of you! Would love love to read more!! ❤️❤️

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