Lets Do This: Day 3

How should I find time?

Whoosh! I failed today. With sleepy eyes I saw my alarm which was set at 4:50 AM and somehow my brain sent a signal to my eyes to ignore it and I slept for half an hour which looked like the BEST SLEEP of millennium.  But finally when I got up at 5:30ish I was very sad.:(

I actually felt like asking myself-  is this plan ever going to work? But then what other option I have? 

Maybe I need to find some motivation factor, like a driving force which makes me wanna stick to it no matter what and get that body which I always had dream of. So, I googled “motivation factors to stick to workout” but then I figured that it is not exercise for which i need motivation but its getting up in the morning. Hence, second google “motivation factors to get up early each day” and this is what I got-


And these dont really give the driving force, do they? In the first blog it says-

You can’t just wake up earlier and not sleep earlier. You’ll eventually crash. So here are some tips for getting to sleep earlier:

  1. Set a bedtime of 7-8.5 hours before you want to wake up. So if you’re waking up at 6 a.m., go to bed between 9:30-11 p.m. (So if I have to wake up at 4:30 AM then I should sleep at 8 PM and that is the time when I am still one hour away from home….. @Delhimetro- can you develop a fast track metro soon as you can clearly see that I am not getting enough sleep. )Where you are in that time frame depends on how much sleep you need. Most people need about 7.5-8 hours of sleep, though there are lots of variations. I tend to get about 7, but also take a short nap in the afternoons.
  2. Create a bedtime ritual. I like to set up the coffeemaker and clean up a little (it’s nice to wake up to a clean house), then floss & brush my teeth and do a flouride rinse. Then I read myself to sleep.   – I like this. I remember a friend once told me that “I have a date with my bed each night and he didn’t mean like he is going to get romantic with his bed which I am sure he might be at times, although I hope not with bed but on bed. However, I liked the commitment”
  3. No computers in bed. That means no laptop, no tablets, no mobile phones. Kindles are OK except the Kindle Fire, which is the same as an iPad. No TV either. Just reading. – c’mon, I write on my bed. What should I do? Find a bigger house or richer parents?
  4. Exercise helps a lot earlier in the day. It gets your body nice and tired, so you’ll sleep better. Don’t exercise an hour or less before bed, or you’ll be pumped up. I like a glass of red wine in the evening — it helps relax me and I tend to sleep a bit easier. – you gotta be kidding me…. for exercise I need sleep and for sleep I need exercise like for a better position you need experience and for experience you need better position. People and rules I tell you.
  5. Try this method if you have trouble sleeping: close your eyes and get comfortable, then think of the first thing you did that morning — the very first thing, like turning off your alarm. Then think of the next thing, and so on, replaying your morning in as much detail as possible. I never get to mid-morning. – This is good. A perfect method for staying awake… I mean for me ofcourse. You might get sleep. If I do this then all I would be doing is thinking and as time would pass I would think hard “oh if I sleep now then I will have 5 hours to sleep but I will still get up in morning and go out to run and oh in office I have to complete that file tomorrow but how will I do it as I am still waiting for the data from him. Today something good happened, when I was talking to.. shhhhhh sleep please. Its already an hour late but if I sleep now then I might get 4 hours of sleep and repeat.

I really need help and motivation for getting my ass off bed early in the morning and still being able to sleep perfectly for atleast 6 hours in the night. Any advice guys?