30 days challenge: Day 8 : Over 1


Success is such an overrated word sometimes. The success of today will create more needs for tomorrow. This battle will never be won by humans I think, not atleast in my time. If I look back to my year then success seems so over assumptious  but yet it felt like success when it happened-

One day, in the beginning of year, I simply decided to stand up for myself. I wiped my tears, threw every expectation out of the window, cut back on emotions associated with people and thats it.. It became simple to move forward and to see life with new set of glasses. I felt awesome at that achievement of mine

I achieved accomplishment at work … I choose not to divulge more information about work here so thats about it.

I decided to stop yo yo diets and chose to be healthy. I ate healthy home cooked meals and worked out. I slowly lost some weight but I felt great at all times rather than feeling anxious about food which I would feel at all times.