30 days challenge: Day 12 : Over 1

I missed few days ….

 Day 12: NEW SKILLS LEARNED – What new skills did you learn this year? These could be business skills, something in your education, or even new creative techniques.

  1. I read few books which made me realize more about human psychology, a subject I thoroughly enjoy.
  2. There are many technical skills that I learned through series of events at work.
  3. I started mastering my German language again.
  4. I finally gave myself time to do doodle

Day 13: BREAK-THROUGH MOMENT – Was there a moment this year where you felt like you broke through a barrier or mental block?

Yes several..

Day 14: SMART DECISIONS – What were some smart decisions that you made this year?

  • I chose my battle
  • Made a financial decision to secure future by eliminating debt
  • Removed expectations from most relationships
  • Clarified relationships

Day 15: GOOD HABITS FORMED – Did you form any new good habits? How did you do it?

  • I wanted to break few habits and get into few habits. This is how I did what I did
  • For almost half of the year I worked out religiously and at that time  – Habit of daily workout BUT I am back at no workout again.
  • I stopped arguing with parents and siblings and this has been a shift to my daily life which is a lot of times very grueling. But whenever I feel someone is not respecting my opinion or just does not care at the moment – I cut them some slack. Its okay. No one is expected to take care of me. Just chill.
  • I save & Pay debt. I have gotten into the habit of taking care of my finances by making a plan of auto save and auto repayment. Its awesome

BAD HABITS BROKEN – Were you able to kick any of your bad habits this year? How did you do it?

  • Wanted to see if I can come out of my chai addiction and people actually placed bet on me that I will not be able to do this but I did. Yeeeee. Although it was just to see if I can break the habit and after 30 days of not having tea, I drank again. AND IT WAS YUM
  • I decided to not follow any diet and eat hearty meals. Its worked well as I was still not putting on weight rather slowly I was loosing it while eating proper food.
  • I have tried very hard the whole year to not beat myself up which I do a lot. I am my worst enemy so I made a decision to appreciate my body-mind-dressing sense-parents-finance-friends, however it is, Its ME.