30 days challenge: Day 3 : Over 1

I am on my third day and I feel this is going to be tough. The cue for day 3 is to write about “FAVORITE MEMORY” – What was your favorite memory of 2018 so far?

I had been fretting about this write up since morning as what can I possibly say when I do not particularly feel like I have one in the year. I mean I had good memorable moments but nothing so memorable that I can write here. Exception to this is ofcource here but that is too personal to share , so after a lot of thinking I am choosing this-

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My Two Favorite Memories-

Before I share this memory, I want to ask you this question. Does it happen to you as well that when you are waiting for something in your life then in anticipation you draw this picture of the moment when you would finally get this thing. Do you also imagine what all you would do if you would get that thing? But when you finally get it then neither do you feel that exhilaration nor will you feel like celebration. Sometimes the circumstances would have changed and on others, the exasperation of the desire would have left you sort of bitter with the whole thing.

Well, this happens with me a lot. My memory is about one such moment.

When I got promoted at work recently this happened with me. I had waited, anticipated and God knows what all I had planned but the happy news did not come at the right time and neither it left me completely satisfied when it came. But alas, the moment was here so I decided to celebrate it with a sigh. What I did?

I was walking back home towards the metro station and decided to smile and take a relief breath as I no longer will have to wait for this again. So I brought myself a small , 50g box of sweets from a metro kiosk, opened it and savored it. Maybe it was sugar rush but I felt so damn relieved at that moment that it stuck with me.