First Over : 30 days challenge: Day 1

Day 1: Introduction

What is going on my mind?

I have been thinking and planning from quiet sometime to improve my habits , skills, visions and life in general. But I am always late at realizing that “too much planning leads you no where”.  But when there are millions of thing that I want to achieve in my goals, my personality and my life then there has to be an effective plan. So here is my plan:

I will give myself #30daychallenge each month for the next year. Why 30 days? Well, the idea is to not overwhelm myself with this process rather modify/ change/ improve small things at a time rather than going cold turkey for my entire life change. For December this year, I am taking a challenge from Boho Berry to set the ground for next year and also to get into the habit of daily writing. You can participate too if you want. Just follow the #BohoBerryChallenge 

The challenge by Boho Berry is –